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Choosing The Right Brake Conversion For Your Vehicles Needs

Disc brakes have become the standard for modern cars and trucks. However, many older vehicles used drum brakes that are less efficient, harder to maintain, and are not appropriate for the faster speeds allowed on roadways in the US. Upgrading your old brake system with a front disc brake conversion kit is a good option, and there are kits available that will bolt onto your vehicle with very little fabrication or alteration.

Front Disc Brakes

The most common brake conversions are done on the front of the vehicle. The reason for this is that the majority of the brake bias is on the front end of the car. 

As you apply the brakes, the nose of the car dips, transferring weight to the front tires. Using a front disc brake conversion kit allows additional stopping power to be applied where the energy transfer is happening.

Because the weight and momentum are transferred to the front of the car, the traction is reduced on the rear end, reducing the grip on the rear tires. This makes a front disc brake conversion a better and more practical option for your vehicle. 

Parts Adaptability

Another good reason to consider a front disc brake conversion kit for older cars and trucks is parts adaptability. Using these kits allows you to set the brakes up with modern pads and rotors that are easier to find.

The kit manufacturer will typically use a very common brake rotor and caliper on the conversion. Some parts span multiple manufacturing years and vehicle makes, and a few that cross manufacturers can be fit into many cars and trucks. 

The kit manufacturer will tell you what parts will fit your new conversion, so when it is time to replace the pads and rotors, you can get them from the local parts store and do the work yourself, or have a local repair shop do them for you. In either case, starting with knowing which parts you need is essential. 

Custom Kits

Some front disc brake conversion kit manufacturers offer custom kits that are made using performance parts and provide more stopping power. Often these kits are used in custom cars or vehicles that are being modified for performance gains. 

The kit may have many options that you can select to tailor the parts and their performance to your vehicle. If you are considering a custom brake conversion kit, talk with the manufacturer about what you are building and they can put together a kit that will work for your specific needs. For more information on front disc brake conversion kits, contact a professional near you.