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What You Need to Know About Replacing the Engine in Your Truck

Trucks with diesel engines often run longer and are more robust than gasoline engines, but when the engine fails, replacing it requires you to decide what engine options you have. Rebuilt diesel engines are often a good option for trucks because the cost is lower than a new engine, and when the engine work is done correctly, they will run nearly as long as a new engine.

Buying Rebuilt Engines

There are some things to consider when in the market for rebuilt diesel engines. First, buying an engine from anyone other than a rebuilder means you may not be able to verify that the engine was actually rebuilt or done correctly. A second-hand engine for sale online or in a local classified ad could be a good bargain, but it is hard to verify the work if the seller does not have documentation of the engine rebuild.

Working with an engine rebuilder that runs a business in the area is often a better option because it takes the risk out of the purchase. You can quickly check the quality of the service through reviews posted about the business. You can also check with services like the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints about the service or if they are rated high and deliver quality products.

Rebuilt diesel engines from an established business also typically come with some kind of warranty, so if something does go wrong, you can get the engine replaced or repaired to your satisfaction. The engine rebuilder you choose should be willing to go through the process with you to understand precisely what you are getting for your money before you place the order or drop off an engine to be rebuilt for your truck. 

Rebuild Options

Rebuilt diesel engines often come with some options that you can choose from. An engine with a complete rebuild, including the heads and upper end of the engine, is the most expensive option, but it is also the most comprehensive. Every part is gone through, and the engine is ready for installation in your truck when you get it. 

Some diesel engine rebuilds are limited to just the lower half of the engine, so the heads are not included in the work. The block is cleaned, inspected, and re-sleeved, then the entire reciprocation assembly is replaced. For owners that are considering new heads, intake, and fuel system parts, these short block rebuilds are an excellent option. 

Some rebuilders offer additional options between them, so it is crucial to go over what you need and what the shop can provide before purchasing any rebuilt engine for your truck. Often the prices are flexible because the parts used can range from stock to performance, and tailoring your engine rebuild to your budget and performance needs is easily obtainable in most situations. 

If you have any questions about a remanufactured diesel engine, be sure to contact your local repair shop.