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Heavy Equipment Repairs You Need to Have Parts for on Remote Job Sites

The heavy equipment repairs that you need to have done regularly can be a problem on a remote project. Thus, you are going to need to do some of the repairs on your own when you are on remote job sites. You will need to have the right heavy equipment parts to be able to get the work done. The following information can help you be prepared for repairs on remote projects:

Hydraulic Seals and Fittings

You will need to have the most common parts that go out on hydraulic systems, such as the seals and fittings. In addition to seals and fittings, you also want to have extra hoses and parts to repair issues that you commonly have to fix with your machinery. This may also include parts like hydraulic cylinders and pistons. You also want to have parts to repair any hydraulic pump and manifold problems.

Engine and Transmission Parts

Without the engine and transmission, your heavy machinery will not work at all. Therefore, these are areas that are going to require routine maintenance. In addition to the regular maintenance, there may be occasional repairs that need to be done. In addition to the transmission, there may be transfer cases and drive shafts that are specific to your machine. Make sure you have spare parts for repairing issues in these areas when you are on a remote job site. You also want to have the oil, transmission, and hydraulic fluids your machine needs for maintenance.

Wheel Hubs and Suspension Parts

The wheel hubs and suspension components of your machinery also need repairs. You want to have spare hubs available and other parts to complete repairs. Some of the suspension parts you want to have available include springs, shock absorbers, and gears. Make sure you have the parts you need to keep your machine running if there is a problem with the wheel hub or suspension.

Fasteners and Steel Plate Materials

The fasteners of heavy machinery are also important. You need to have the right studs and nuts to replace broken fasteners due to daily workloads. These are materials that you want to make sure are readily available when you need them. Some of the areas where you may have problems with fasteners like bolt heads breaking include wheel hubs, attachments, and any moving parts. In addition, you want to make sure you have steel plate materials for welding repairs that may need to be done on-site.

The right parts are important to be able to do the repairs that need to be done when you are far away from civilization. Contact a heavy equipment parts service to get all the materials you need for quick repairs.