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Selling Your Junk Car For Cash

When you have a car that is no longer running, you may have a hard time getting rid of the car. A few options exist, and a few might even benefit others as well as helping you get the car out of the yard. 

Salvage Yards or Businesses

Selling your car to a salvage yard is one way to get rid of the vehicle and to get money for your junk car. If the vehicle has a lot of good parts on it, the salvage yard may want to strip it and sell off the parts individually. The car does not have to run at all for them to take it. If the car has parts that are in high demand, the salvage operator will more than likely send a tow truck out to get it and give you a little something for it as well. 

Some yards are looking for specific car models so it can be worth calling around to see if anyone is looking for the car you have before taking an offer for it. 

Scrap Dealers

Some scrap dealers do not sell parts, they strip the car and sell it for weight to a recycling center. Buying the car for a small amount of money and selling it for a profit is all they care about so the condition of the vehicle is not essential. Often the scrap dealer will take the fuel tank out, drain the oil, and pull most of the plastic out before they sell it because the scrap yard will pay more for it. No matter what they are going to do with it, these scrap dealers often pay in cash on the spot and will remove the car the same day. 

Finding someone to buy the car is as simple as searching online or checking classified ads to find someone advertising their service. 

Donate Your Vehicle

If you have a car you need to get rid of, but you can not seem to sell it, you might be able to donate the car to a charity that will sell it for scrap to help fund their operation. In most cases, the charitable organization will give you a recipe for your car, and you can write the donation off of your taxes. While you are not getting cash for the car, you are getting a reduction in your taxes or potentially a more significant return at the end of the year, and the car is no longer taking up space in the yard.