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3 Tips For Getting The Most Cash From An Auto Salvage Lot

If your old car is not in good enough shape to sell to someone else, you still have an option available to you to get rid of it. You can sell the car or its parts to an auto salvage lot. Not only do you get rid of your car, but you also help the environment by essentially recycling your car. If you are planning to sell your car to a salvage lot, here are some tips to ensure you get the best price available. 

Make Repairs

If your car has an easy repair that can be made to it that could lead to it being operational again, consider spending the money for the repair. Although the car might not be in the best condition, a running car is more valuable than one that is not. Some lots sell the cars to people who are looking to fix up a car. 

In the event that you are able to get the car running again, find out the Blue Book value of the car before you take it to the salvage lot. You can factor in the value of the car into your negotiations. 

Know What Works

Since your car most likely will end up being pulled apart so that the parts can be sold, you need to know what works on it before taking it to the salvage lot. By knowing what works, you can find out what the value of those parts are and add that into your asking price for the car. 

If you have the skills, you can even take some of the parts off of the car yourself and sell them to net an even higher part. The rest of the car can still be taken to the salvage lot to be sold for scraps. It can take time to do this, but it could be worth it financially to you. 

Check the Local Lot's Inventory

Before taking your car to a salvage lot, you need to check around and find out which lots do not have any or many cars like yours. A lot owner might be more willing to pay you more for your car if there is a low supply of your car make and model. 

If you find a few lots in need of a car like yours, you can possibly use that information to get a more competitive price for your car. For more information, contact a yard like U Pull & Pay.