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What Are The Advantages Of Using Aftermarket Parts?

When purchasing new parts for your automobile, you have two choices. You can buy parts that are made and sold by the manufacturer of your vehicle or you can buy aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are replacement auto parts that are made by companies other than the manufacturer of the vehicles the parts are made to fit. Many people find it is more beneficial to them to always buy aftermarket parts. These are some of the advantages that aftermarket parts have to offer.

Less Expensive 

Depending on the type of vehicle the aftermarket part is for, it is usually less expensive than a brand name part. While different companies that sell aftermarket parts may charge different prices for the same part, most are still priced more affordably than those manufactured by brand name automobile companies.

Same Good Quality 

Aftermarket parts are made with the same high-quality materials as manufactured brand name parts. They can last just as long and often come with the same lifetime warranties as those made by an automobile manufacturer. These parts are often pre-tested by aftermarket companies to ensure that they can perform just as well as brand name parts.

More Vendors to Buy From

When you purchase aftermarket parts, there is a wide variety of companies you can purchase them from. This gives you the ability to shop around for a part that is within your budget. When buying from only automobile manufacturers, you have no choice but to pay their retail prices.

With the number of aftermarket part companies that are available, you also are in control of how quickly you receive your part. Ordering from a manufacturer may leave you waiting several days for a part to be shipped to you.


Aftermarket parts are also more commonly kept in stock in auto body shops, parts stores, and even some gas stations. You are more likely to be able to walk in and purchase the part you need immediately if you buy aftermarket parts.

A manufacturer's garage may only keep parts for newer model vehicles in stock. The likelihood of finding a part readily available for an older vehicle at a manufacturer is slim. For foreign cars, the manufactured parts may even have to be ordered from outside of the United States.

With the rise in the popularity of aftermarket auto parts, many auto body shops no longer keep manufactured brand parts in stock at all. This enables them to provide their customers less expensive repair services which also helps them keep their business running successfully as well. 

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