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3 Parts That Can Vastly Improve Your Bug-Out Vehicle

A bug-out vehicle is one of the most important parts of any prepper's disaster plan, mostly because it is the means by which you will evacuate yourself and your family to a safe location until the disaster passes. While there are a large number of great vehicles that can work as a bug-out vehicle, all of them can benefit from the addition of a few additional parts. Skid plates, a locking differential, and a lifted suspension are a few parts that can improve your bug out vehicle:

Skid Plates

Skid plates are one of the best parts that you can install on a bug out vehicle, particularly if the bug out vehicle is going to be spending a lot of time going off-road. Even if the vehicle does not go off-road, it will still benefit from the extra protection provided by skid plates. These parts are intended to be attached to the bottom of your vehicle in order to protect the sensitive bits of your bug out vehicle from road debris. 

The benefits provided by a skid plate will vary depending on where it is installed. For example, skid plates installed in the middle of the vehicle will protect your fuel lines, while skid plates installed on the rear of the vehicle will work to protect your fuel tank.

Locking Differential

A locking differential is absolutely vital for any bug-out vehicle as it will greatly reduce the chances of your vehicle getting stuck. With a regular differential, the engine will send more power to a wheel that is spinning quickly. This is a problem because all of that power is being routed away from your remaining wheels. 

In that situation, your engine will be sending all of the power to a wheel that is stuck in the air, in snow, or some other slick service. With a locking differential, all of your wheels will be receiving power at all times. If one of your wheels is spinning uselessly, the other wheels will be able to provide the traction and power to pull your vehicle free. 

Lifted Suspension

Finally, if you are planning on taking your bug out vehicle off-road in order to reach your bug-out location, you will definitely want to invest in a lifted suspension. The lifted suspension will raise your vehicle to the point where you will be able to handle obstacles more easily and keep the underside of your vehicle safe from hazards.

However, try to keep the height of your vehicle within reasonable levels as vehicles that have been lifted too high can often be unstable and roll easily if they are involved in an accident. In addition, a suspension that is lifted too high may result in you having to invest in larger tires that are more uncommon, which can be quite expensive.

Visit your local auto parts store or online parts dealer today in order to see the many great parts that can improve your bug out vehicle's performance. A lifted suspension, skid plates, and a locking differential can help you prepare your bug out vehicle for just about any scenario. Contact a professional for help if you want to know more or have other questions about the best car parts for your bug-out vehicle.