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Top Tips For College Students To Save Money On Auto Repairs

Do you have a child who is heading off to attend a university soon? Are you trying to help them save money wherever they can? Car repair can be a huge expense for college-bound students, so here are some tips on how to economize:

Find a trustworthy auto mechanic: If your student will be attending a college in another city or state, it's time to start looking for a good mechanic now. Some mechanics will have no qualms with taking advantage of a college student who is in a strange town, overcharging them for work not actually done. 

Install used auto parts: When searching for a mechanic, find one who is willing to install used auto parts from somewhere like Hardys Auto Parts LLC that are in good condition. While used fuses, filters or gaskets may be a bad idea, installing good used auto parts like alternators or distributors could potentially cut off a significant portion of an otherwise hefty repair bill. If the mechanic says that they will never install used auto parts, even if they are in good condition, you should consider taking your business elsewhere.

Do routine maintenance yourself: If your child isn't mechanically inclined, it's probably too much to expect them to start learning how to overhaul the transmission. However, there are plenty of car repairs that your college student should be able to do for themselves. Being able to replace air and oil filters themselves may save them hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. Some vehicles have engines that require special tools and skills if you need to replace worn belts, while others don't. Consult the owner's manual to find out whether this is another repair that your student will be able to learn. 

Get repairs early: Putting off car repairs as long as possible is a false economy. Make sure that they understand that they may be saving money now, but at a cost of causing further damage to their vehicle. For example, by skipping or postponing an oil change, they may be saving a few dollars that they could use to go see a movie this weekend. But the dirty oil can cause extreme wear to the engine, resulting in a repair bill that could prevent them from attending college next year. Performing routine maintenance and repairs with new or used auto parts in a timely fashion is the best way to save money in the long run.