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Getting Money For Your Used Vehicle

If you have a used vehicle that you are no longer using, there are several options available to get money for it. Used vehicles are useful to some people, making it worth the effort to try to get paid in exchange for yours. Here are a few ways you can try to use to get money for your used vehicle.

Private Sale

If your vehicle is in good running condition, there are a few steps to take to boost the amount someone will pay you for it. Making simple repairs that would be noticed by the buyer can help you sell the vehicle at a higher value. Take the time to remove dents, fix up broken lights and buff out scratches. These small fixes can make a difference in the amount offered by a private buyer. Take the time to detail both the inside and outside of your vehicle.

If your vehicle does not run, you might still be able to make a private sale. Advertise that you have a parts vehicle available. If someone is looking for your particular make and model to fix up another vehicle, your sale would be very appealing. Go online and post alerts on used car forums pertaining to your type of vehicle to gain attention from people who have the same kind of vehicle themselves.


If your vehicle is not in the best of shape, donating it is a way to remove it from your property in exchange for a tax break. Several large companies that raise money for a cause have vehicle donation programs available. Simply go on their webpage to alert the corporation that you have a vehicle to donate and they will send a tow truck to come pick it up. You will receive an official document that can be sent in with your income taxes.

Auto Recycling

If you are able to drive your vehicle to an auto recycling yard, they will give you money on the spot for your vehicle. Many auto salvage yards will pay by the weight. When you arrive with your vehicle, you will drive onto a large scale and the company will pay you the going rate for scrap metal at the time. If your vehicle is not able to be driven, some recycling yards will send a tow truck to pick it up for you. Contact a company like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc for more information.


If you are going to buy another vehicle, trading in your old one can take money off of the amount you will pay for your new one. Make sure to repair flaws, clean the interior and exterior, and know the value of the vehicle before you go to the dealership. Different dealerships will offer varying amounts for an older vehicle depending on their current inventory and demand for used vehicles, so it is best to ask a few dealers for a quotation before agreeing to trade it in.