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Four Luxury Car Enhancements That People Will Notice

If you're willing to spend a lot of money on a luxury car, you know how important it is to impress the people around you. While most luxury car models look very sleek and flashy on their own, there's no reason that you can't enhance your particular car's look with a few enhancements. Whether you're looking for corvette parts, Tesla parts, or Mercedes parts, these four enhancements will help you get noticed even more. 

1. Exhaust Tip

Since many people want to change at least one thing about their vehicle, automobile exhaust tip varieties are numerous and widespread. However, since your luxury car was painstakingly designed by your manufacturer to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you'll need to be extra careful when you're looking to add an exhaust tip to it.

Unless your luxury car has a jet black coat of paint, stay away from plastic exhaust tips. Compared to their polished steel, chrome, and aluminum equivalents, plastic exhaust tips look flimsy and out of place on brightly-colored luxury cars.

2. Velour Dash Cover

A dash cover will provide added comfort and style to your luxury car's interior without adding extra bulk. If strangers and acquaintances frequently ride with you, they'll almost certainly be impressed with your design sense.

Since velour is soft and silky compared other relatively high-end materials like leather, it won't look rough or distracting to your front passenger. For added texture, make sure that the velour has foam backing behind it.

3. Leather Seat Belts

Most seat belts are made out of thickly threaded polyester. While the interior of your luxury car probably looks fine without them, leather seat belts are a very economical way to both visually complement leather seats and increase passenger comfort.

If you're not crazy about leather, you can also get conventional polyester seat belts with soft wool pads on them. But while these seat belts may ultimately be more comfortable, they tend to visually clash with shiny luxury car interiors.

4. Chrome Plated Steering Wheel

If you really want to be bold, completely replacing your steering wheel with one that's completely made out of metal could be a good idea. For luxury sports cars, a chrome plated steering wheel offers an ideal compromise between flashiness and reliability.

Since you've already spent so much money on getting a great automobile, you might as well go all out and create something that's as impressive as possible. At the very least, your enhancements will show that you have an interesting passion for cars.